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    Aug 28, 2024
    Look for TEAMs meeting on your calendar before the event.

    If you join before September 13, 2024, NTEU Chapter 303 will pay a $100 signing bonus.


    But most importantly, your support of NTEU strengthens our collective voice when fighting for the issues that matter to you and your family.

    Since NTEU began representing NCUA employees in 2004, we have won a long list of important workplace benefits and programs including:

    • The NCUA Savings Plan with a 3 percent automatic contribution and
      2 percent match
    • Flexible work schedules and telework options
    • Fair and flexible travel rules
    • Internet reimbursements
    • Pay equity with other FIRREA Agencies
    • Health insurance subsidies
    Retired employees of NCUA can continue their membership with NTEU Chapter 303.  If you were a member and wish to continue supporting our cause, please complete the following form "Retired" and mail or email to NTEU Chapter 303 President.  
    Visit www.nteu.org!

    The next NCUA/NTEU Partnership Meeting is July 9, 2024.  Please email Julie Decker with any topics you want us to consider.

    NTEU is advocating for Congressional Actions that could affect

    FIRREA Agency Employees

    NTEU Supports

    Protecting and Enhancing Benefits
    Fighting for paid family leave
    Blocking efforts to reduce retirement benefits while increasing employee contributions
    Opposing shifting additional costs to FEHBP enrollees

    Safeguarding Workplace Rights and Protections
    Opposing efforts to resurrect Schedule F or any plan that would weaken merit-based civil service
    Opposing using the Holman Rule to target specific employees with salary cuts

    Promoting and Supporting Telework and Remote Work
    Supporting legislation to strengthen and expand telework programs
    Opposing a bill to revert all telework arrangements to pre-pandemic levels

    The NTEU Legislation Department is closely monitoring these these issue and is sharing with members of Congress what the impacts could be on our members.  The Committee Chairman has expressed a strong commitment to bringing forward legislation to weaken consumer and depositor protections and to make changes in law requested by the banks and investment houses.  Such legislation, which might be an amalgamation of some of the bills considered yesterday, certainly could also be a vehicle for making changes detrimental to FIRREA employees.  Be assured we will take action to oppose any measures that negatively affect NTEU members. Use this link to contact your members of Congress. Please don't use your NCUA email address when contacting your member of Congress.

    NTEU Membership

    What does this mean for you? NTEU works every day to protect and maintain your hard earned benefits.  Recent attacks are now coming from multiple agencies that will have material financial  $$$ impact on you.  The following are tiems that could impact you and your family.   

    Elimination of FERS annuity supplements

    What does this mean for you?  Typically if you retire from NCUA before the age of 62 and have obtained your minimum retirement age, you receive a FERS supplement that could be as high as 80% of your social security you can draw at 62.   If this is eliminated – you get nothing!!

    Use of high-five rather than high-three pay years to calculate annuity

    What does this mean for you?     You could receive around 2.60% less each year on your FERS retirement annuity.  This does not seem like much, but could represent around $30,000+   less in retiment benefits over your life, depending on your income

    Increase in employee retirement contributions

    What does this mean for you?   Depending on when you started with NCUA, your salary will be reduced up to 6.45%.    How much will this impact you, take your gross salary every two weeks and reduce it by 6.45%.

    Reduction or elimination of retirement cost-of-living adjustments.

    What does this mean for you?   Nothing, if you plan to die right after you retire.  If plan on living, over the life of your retirement, your FERS annuity could be 20, 30, 40 percent less once you reach 20 years into retirement.

    Can you afford not to be a member of NTEU?

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