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    Retired employees of NCUA can continue their membership with NTEU Chapter 303.  If you were a member and wish to continue supporting our cause, please complete the following form (RETIRED) and mail or email to NTEU Chapter 303 President.  
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    • Join the majority of NCUA employees.  Around 50% of the Bargaining Unit employees are dues paying members in support of the union.  Please contact an official under the Officer/Staff section of this website if you want more information about joining.  Or ... just click on JOIN CHAPTER 303 for more information.  The 2020 new membership campaign is here and all new members along with recruiters will receive $50 if you join before September 7th, 2020.  Please click below to securely join via the National Chapter and indicate you are joining Chapter 303.  

      We are NTEU

      Hatch Act

      Under the Hatch Act, there are many ways that federal employees can engage in partisan political activity and only a handful of activities to avoid.

      Election buttonsFederal employees may:

      • Register and vote as they choose

      • Wear political buttons (except in government buildings, wearing a government uniform or while on duty)

      • Sign petitions, including nomination petitions

      • Assist in voter registration drives

      • Express opinions about all candidates and issues, privately and publicly

      • Display a political affiliation in their social media profile information 

      • Display a political party, campaign logo, or candidate picture as their profile or cover picture on their personal Facebook or Twitter account

      • Run for election to a non-partisan office

      • Run for office within party organizations and affiliated groups 

      • Attend political conventions, rallies, and meetings as an elected representative of a partisan organization

      • Contribute to TEPAC or other political organizations or attend a political fundraising function

      • Solicit contributions to TEPAC from another NTEU member provided that the contributor is not a subordinate employee

      NOTE: Spouses and other members of an employee’s family may engage in all forms of partisan political activities.

      Federal employees may not:

      • Be candidates for partisan public office

      • Use their official position to influence election results

      • Use an official social media account to engage in political activity

      • Engage in political activity in government buildings or while on duty (including using government e-mail systems to distribute political messages or posting on social media)

      • Collect, solicit or receive any financial contributions from the general public through written, oral, email, or social media communications

      Opportunities for federal employees to join in the political process were virtually non-existent until NTEU led the effort to expand ways for federal employees to participate in the nation’s civic life. The union secured significant reforms to the Hatch Act and opened up the process to federal employees.
      The original statute prohibited nearly all partisan political activities for federal employees, outside of voting. NTEU-initiated reforms expanded the range of activities that federal employees can take part in to include participating in phone banks and sending endorsement mailings, as well as holding lunchtime meetings and voter registration drives.

      Take advantage of your rights.

      To all NCUA Bargaining Unit Employees,

      CBA NCUA/NTEU – Watch for more news coming about re-opening the CBA.

      NTEU Chapter 303 President - Heather Hammes

      NTEU Membership

      What does this mean for you? NTEU works every day to protect and maintain your hard earned benefits.  Recent attacks are now coming from multiple agencies that will have material financial  $$$ impact on you.  The following are tiems that could impact you and your family.   

      Elimination of FERS annuity supplements

      What does this mean for you?  Typically if you retire from NCUA before the age of 62 and have obtained your minimum retirement age, you receive a FERS supplement that could be as high as 80% of your social security you can draw at 62.   If this is eliminated – you get nothing!!

      Use of high-five rather than high-three pay years to calculate annuity

      What does this mean for you?     You could receive around 2.60% less each year on your FERS retirement annuity.  This does not seem like much, but could represent around $30,000+   less in retiment benefits over your life, depending on your income

      Increase in employee retirement contributions

      What does this mean for you?   Depending on when you started with NCUA, your salary will be reduced up to 6.45%.    How much will this impact you, take your gross salary every two weeks and reduce it by 6.45%.

      Reduction or elimination of retirement cost-of-living adjustments.

      What does this mean for you?   Nothing, if you plan to die right after you retire.  If plan on living, over the life of your retirement, your FERS annuity could be 20, 30, 40 percent less once you reach 20 years into retirement.

      Can you afford not to be a member of NTEU?

      Upcoming Initiatives to Negotiate

      New Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) –  We expect this to commence sometime in 2020.  More information will be provided when available. 

      Pending Institutional Grievances

      Rental Vehicle Approval Documentation – Working on a grievance settlement.  

      OCFO provided notice to all employees that they must retain the written pre-approval to provide in case the expense report is audited.  The grievance claims this is a unilateral “change in working conditions” and the Agency failed to provide notice and bargain.  There has never been such a requirement nor was it anticipated so the CBA is silent on the issue.  This is unlike the required receipts where the CBA specifically requires certain receipts and speaks to the process when a receipt is not available.  The approval is between the employee and the supervisor, and has nothing to do with the veracity of the expense.  The purpose of the pre-approval is to provide the supervisor the opportunity to have the employee use another means of transportation while in the TDY for a particular assignment. 

      Rental Vehical Issues - 

      Sharing vehicles is encouraged by some managers

      Cost comparisons required by some managers for each approval

      Toll access fees are being disallowed by region 5 management with instructions they should not be charged on the givernment charge card.

      NTEU Sues OPM for Constitutional Violation Stemming From Massive Data Breaches

      The national union for NTEU Chapter 303 is suing OPM on behalf of NTEU dues paying members.  If successful, we could win lifetime credit monitoring and identity theft projection.  Only dues paying members at the time of settlement are eligible.  Now is the time to consider joining NTEU Chapter 303 or you could possibly be without the valuable protection that could affect your financial future.  

      NTEU is watching these bills that could affect

      FIRREA Agency Employees

      NTEU Supported

      • NTEU was successful supporting a new benefit coming to federal employees in 2020, Paid Parental Leave.   Click on the the following link for more details:  Paid Parental Leave

      NTEU Opposed

      • H.R. 559 Merit Act would weaken your righrs as federal employee by eliminating or weaken collective bargaining rights.
      • H.R. 1137 would cut certain federal salaries immediately by 8.7 percent and limit future pay raises.
      • H.R. 1230 would lower federal pensions.
      • H.R.  417 would slash the federal workforce by 10 percent over two years.
      • H.R. 4461 would prevent federal employees from voluntarily deducting dues.
      • H.R. 1364 would limit certain union official’s benefits who utilize official time to serve bargaining unit employees.  

      The NTEU Legislation Department is closely monitoring these bills and is sharing with members of Congress what the impacts could be on our members.  The Committee Chairman has expressed a strong commitment to bringing forward legislation to weaken consumer and depositor protections and to make changes in law requested by the banks and investment houses.  Such legislation, which might be an amalgamation of some of the bills considered yesterday, certainly could also be a vehicle for making changes detrimental to FIRREA employees.  Be assured we will take action to oppose any measures that negatively affect NTEU members. Use this link to contact your members of Congress.  https://capwiz.com/nteu/home/  Please don't use your NCUA email address when contacting your member of Congress.

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