About NTEU Chapter 303

NTEU Chapter 303 is the exclusive representative of NCUA non-management employees. 

Why should I join the union?

Only members will get to decide what is included in our collective bargaining agreement. It establishes guidelines on nearly every aspect of our work-life experience, including work schedules, pay and benefits, and working conditions.

Only members can approve or vote down the contract.

Everyone – members and nonmembers alike – must abide by the terms of the contract.

You can stand on the sidelines and take what you get or you can get involved and help shape your future, the Agency’s future, and your chapter’s future.

I like my manager. So why should I join?

Being in the union isn't about disliking your manager, or the upper management of the Agency. If you get along with your manager, great. But you should still consider joining the union for a couple of reasons. First, not all managers are equally experienced. Some are better at working with people than others. And, even though you like your supervisor today, the Agency is a dynamic, fast-moving place. You could have a different manager a year from now. Wouldn't you rather have the protections in place to help you keep the policies and practices you enjoy? That's how your union can help. We can help negotiate policies and protect common practices. We've got your back. Plus, a union can help with matters and concerns that affect us all, like travel, compensation, work space, and promotions. . There are a lot of issues that could affect you that are out of your manager's control.

 How much are dues?

Dues will range from about $11 to $36 per pay period, depending on your pay band.

Dues fund our chapter’s budget. This budget pays for everything from administrative costs, meeting with members, to training for your stewards and officers so they can represent you better. Dues also help fund NTEU labor law attorneys and negotiators to fight for stronger contracts, and help if you’re ever treated unfairly or need to file a grievance or other proceeding.

What’s a steward?

Your steward is part customer service rep and part advocate. If you have a question, need more information about the union, or about a situation on the job, ask your steward. Regardless of the issue, your steward will work on the union member's behalf to find the right answers or resolve the problem. That could take many forms, from listening and working with you one-on-one, to an informal conversation with a supervisor, or a formal grievance. Want to know more? Talk to your steward.

Are union officers or stewards paid?

No. Union officers and stewards are not paid; they are volunteers. They put in extra hours, meet with colleagues, resolve problems, and negotiate with management.  They also receive hours of training to learn the details of the collective bargaining agreement and how to enforce it through informal discussions with management and supervisors, or the more formal grievance process. They learn how to represent you, and to be there when you need help.

What’s a grievance?

A grievance is a formal problem resolution process between the union and the Agency. Not all issues need to be taken to this level. Many can be handled informally. But others may require changes in policy or procedures.

If a resolution cannot be reached between the Agency and union, the grievance can go to arbitration where an independent third party will make a binding decision on the matter. If a matter goes to arbitration you would be represented by a union attorney.

What's a bargaining unit?

A bargaining unit consists of all employees eligible to join the union, whether they are members of the union or not. Everyone in the bargaining unit is covered by the collective bargaining agreement. 

I have a question, what should I do?

Talk to your elected officers and/or steward if you have an issue that requires immediate attention. 


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